Well, that’s the end of that. After enjoying two and a half years of Discovery Wings Channel—all aviation/aerospace, all the time—the Discovery Channel has called it quits. Instead of providing more general aviation coverage to balance the seemingly continuous wartime/warplane segments, they are going all bombs, all the time.

Starting January 10 2005, the Discovery Wings Channel becomes the Military Channel. Kaboom!

By giving the people what they want, general aviation enthusiasts miss out on what was an exciting network with lots of potential. I thought that between the History Channel, and DSC Wings’ unbalanced schedule (and the daily news, for that matter), that we had enough things blowing up on TV? Guess not.

The appeal of DSC Wings was that there was expanded coverage of the recent SpaceshipOne flight (the first privately funded trip into space), programs about learning to fly, footage from major airshows, even a series on building your own plane—a concept that first piqued my curiosity on my first trip to Oshkosh’s AirVenture in 2003, and has become somewhat of a lifetime goal/dream now, after watching the process on that program (and here).

That’s all gone now. Well, it will be, on January 10th. Sigh. One more reminder that the will of the people does not necessarily mirror my own, I guess. Bummer. I only hope that many of these programs will still make their way onto Discovery Channel’s regular schedule. We’ll see.