<p>Recently, my friend <a href="http://mrknife2u.blogspot.com/">Darryl</a> admitted that his dog had a page on <a href="http://www.dogster.com">Dogster.com</a>, and after the intitial shock of realizing that my friend&#8217;s dog had a website, I immediately went to google to check for the existence of a feline equivalent.  Naturally, <a href="http://www.catster.com">there was one</a>.  I immediately vowed to add Ms. Emma The Wonder Cat to the world of Catster, and tonight I finally got around to <a href="http://www.catster.com/?106986">setting that up</a>.  </p>

<p>Of course, we have thousands of other photographs of Emma&#8212; suitable for framing no less&#8212;which will be added to her Catster page with all speed. But for now, you should all swing on over to <a href="http://www.catster.com/?106986">Emma&#8217;s Catster page</a> and revel in the one photo that&#8217;s there now, because she is cuter than all of the nearly 18,000 other cats currently loafing on there.  In addition, you can enjoy the sometimes bizzare Google-algorithm-selected, targeted advertisements located in the right-hand column of the page.  After all, it&#8217;s not often that you are visited by wallet suitors playing the Jane Austen/urinary disfunction angle.</p>

<p>As I type this, Emma is coiled on the couch, staring at me.  And she is excited, because she knows I recently aquired a new camera.</p>