“Dr. McCoullough, for the last time I am telling you: you cannot branch transfer to the Canadian Air Force.”

This nugget comes to you live and direct from my wife's best friend. Apparently, she has been looking into alternatives, any goddamned alternative possible, to serving this moronic dimwit we have currently following orders from Dick Cheney. Initially, she thought the US Air Force would be a good benefactor for her medical schooling; who knew at the time that GWB would steal the first election after she started med school, and would only solidify his frightening Bob Jones U religio-scareyola biblical power base in the years to follow? Oh well.

She'd called to catch up on things as she drove home from her medical rotation, and we spent 20 minutes chatting about how much we both hate GWB, and how we really need to see each other soon. She and her husband are currently based in Texas, which is really, really funny because they are the most liberal people we know.

Eventually, I handed the phone to Brenda and they are still chatting. I love her, and her husband. Their kids are alright, I suppose. In a few years they will stop screaming and shitting and then maybe I’ll take a greater interest in their development.

Dierdre & Evan, I love you.