... especially when you try it without a plane. Yesterday, when getting ready to go fly, I flew. Let me explain.

The asphalt at my tiedown spot is rather old, and what with the sun beating down on those three little pressure points that my plane’s tires make, the tires have created three distinct depressions in the ground. They are so deep at ths point, if I try to accelerate out of my spot I have to go to almost full throttle to get out of there. Lately I have taken to pulling the plane out a few feet with my tow bar, so that I don’t have to use so much power to pull out of my spot.

Yesterday, after dilligently clearing away all the snow & ice from last week’s snowstorm, I was ready to pull 93F from her roost. I hooked the tow bar on and did a mighty heave-ho. No luck. Sometimes, I get it almost out of the depression, only to lose the battle with gravity and have the wheels sink back in. A harder pull usually does the trick. No luck. One more try. No luck.

Finally, I planted my feet for one more try. I pulled hard, harder still, and at last, the tow bar slipped off of the nosegear.

Firmly planted as I was, and pulling hard as I was, once the tow bar came loose I essentially launched myself into the air and flew about three feet before landing in a puddle. I know the exact quarter-sized point of my left buttcheek that I landed on, because it hurts like hell this morning. I truly wished someone was around to see my airplane imitation yesterday, because I'm quite certain that it was one of the funniest things I've ever done.

From now on, I will use whatever power setting is required to get out of the spot.