<p>Yesterday, as I waded through my backlog of email, I got not one, but two emails from friends of mine, announcing recently published interviews.  </p>

<p>My friend <a href="http://www.mikezagorski.com/">Mike Zagorski</a>&#8212;a <strong>still</strong> pasty Scot living in Hawaii who rides a bike faster than I ever could&#8212;was recently <a href="http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/default.asp?pg=fullstory&#38;id=2913">interviewed</a> for Pez Cycling News. </p>

<p>Mike is one of my many &#8220;internet friends&#8221;&#8212;someone I met via the internet in some fashion and have shared common interests with.  In Mike&#8217;s case, we both were beta testers for Autodesk&#8217;s (awful) Viz4 product.  While we were complaining on the beta forums about the poor implementation of what was Lightscape&#8217;s (wonderful) radiosity engine in Viz4&#8217;s horribly bloated application, we each checked out each other&#8217;s websites (you gotta have your website in your email signature you know) and discovered a shared love of cycling.  As you will see from Mike&#8217;s interview and website, he&#8217;s a rather talented rider.  I hope he can someday soon realize his dream of turning pro.  </p>

<p>Not more than two minutes after reading Mike&#8217;s interview, an email from another friend, <a href="http://www.pbase.com/jbosie/">Jeff Bosie</a>, appeared in my inbox.  It seems that he too has an <a href="http://www.injersey.com/pulse/story/0,21493,1204925,00.html">interview</a> featured right now, in the local paper Home News Tribune. </p>

<p>Jeff is an old friend made the old fashioned way, through actual physical interaction.  We went to school together and recently re-conneted at <a href="http://www.rumblestrip.org/weblog/230">karaoke</a>, which he <a href="http://www.rumblestrip.org/weblog/231">documented</a>.  Jeff is a talented photographer, and has a show coming up in Perth Amboy.  The details are in the interview.  If you enjoy photography, have a look at Jeff&#8217;s <a href="http://www.pbase.com/jbosie/">gallery</a> and then join us at the show next Sunday.  I&#8217;ll see you there.</p>