Home again. Got back last night. Great trip.

Now: hundreds of emails to read. Hundreds of photos to organize. New webhost to arrange. Laundry.

So, so good to see the cat again. She purred for hours.

Perhaps more detail later. Yes, definitely. So much good material. For now, this:

View, bedroom window *View, bedroom window* Cozumel Sunset *Sunset, Cozumel* Carnival *Don't worry, the sign says* High's downfall *Mas tequila, por favor* Tiramooseu *Tiramooseu, our mascot*

Lather, rinse, repeat. The whole week was a mass of breathtaking views, dramatic sunsets, beverages, cigars, food, and lots and lots of laughter, and each day unfolded much like the previous one.

I have fully come to terms with my immense dislike of being in the water. Snorkeling? What in hell was I thinking?