<p>Where have I been?  Around.  Sorry for the silence.  Meanwhile, here&#8217;s a link to our <a href="http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=oc75gmb.jxz7g6b&#38;x=1&#38;y=y8drql">Cozumel trip photo library</a>.  Believe it or not, this is the first time I&#8217;ve used a service like Ofoto.  Their &#8220;<a href="http://www.ofoto.com/DownloadClient.jsp?">Ofoto Express</a>&#8221; application makes it darned easy to upload pictures right from your iPhoto library, too.  Given that two of my friends offer superior competing products I feel the need to discuss those now. </p>

<p><a href="http://www.joestump.net">Joe</a> is ramping up his <a href="http://www.picturecorral.com/">Picture Corral</a> service, which is a nice picture sharing service with lots of features being added all the time.  <a href="http://www.anyhere.com/">Photosphere</a>, created by Greg Ward (Grandfather to the amazing Radiance application and all around nice guy), is a nice little OSX image utility that ascribes to a philosophy that I admire&#8212;your pictures stay where you put them.  My biggest beef with iPhoto is that you have to import your pictures into iPhoto, and then their whereabouts are known only to the labyrinth of iPhoto&#8217;s XML file.  God help you if that gets corrupted.  I like how Photosphere keeps its paws to itself as far as image file management goes.  Photosphere is also capable of creating high dynamic range, or HDR, images.  If you are a lighting geek, this is cool.  If you aren&#8217;t, it&#8217;s not so cool.  </p>

<p>So why did I use iPhoto and Ofoto to manage this photo library?  Simple.  I&#8217;m lazy.  After the first day on vacation, I already had over 100 images to sort through.  I had my laptop with me, and it was just so darned easy to import all the images to iPhoto and quickly weed out the junk, crop here and there, and do light touch-up work on some images.  Then each day we could view a fun slideshow of the day&#8217;s image haul by going &#8220;view&#8230; slideshow&#8221;.  Instant gratification? yes please. </p>

<p>Upon my return, one of our fellow travelers sent Brenda &#38; I a link to his Ofoto album.  I thought to myself about how many images I have that I keep telling Brenda I&#8217;m gonna put on my website, yet here was John&#8217;s album of nearly 200 photos, browse-able, and I could even order prints right from there.  So, I had a look on<br />

Ofoto’s site, discovered the Ofoto Express application, and was uploading my pix right from my iPhoto album, in all of five minutes. It was easy breezy.

<p>While this worked well for culling 500 photos down to 200, and sharing those megabytes with friends guilt-free (Ofoto doesn&#8217;t seem to care about disk space and bandwidth), but I&#8217;m still looking for other options.  I really hate the way iPhoto &#8220;owns&#8221; my files.  In fact, I still maintain a separate copy folder of all the original images, so I can easily archive them.</p>