I've been saying for some time now that I want to do this or that to my website, find a better host, add more content (some of it old content that never made it back online after the last time I changed software). Well, recently a bunch of things happened all at once. My webhost had a series of outages and poor performance periods, followed by a very frustrating lack of follow-up by the webhost's tech support. Then, my friend Paul switched from Movable Type to the new version of WordPress. Intrigued, I had a look at WordPress' website. Turns out, they have added a bunch of functionality that I have wanted, and many of the features that initially appealed to me in Textpattern are easier to use or more intuitive for me in WordPress 1.5. Then, my friend Joe offered me a slice of his server to host my website, with more functionality, for less money. Like the Jeffersons, I moved on up.

Unfortunately, the import script that takes my Textpattern database (which contains all the content of the site -- entries, comments, links, web design) and imports it into WordPress coughed on a few items. There are some missing posts, and a lot of missing comments. But, the main concern was that the comments for Bil's post were intact, and they seemed to be. I'll rebuild the rest of the missing stuff as time permits (I of course still have all the material in a copy of the old database).

This was a learning experience. I have a little more experience with dns now, and php statements are less foreign to me as well. I plan to get my site's database in order, then to add more content, and maybe play with the layout some. Then, finally, get some damned photos on here.

Please bear with me as I fix broken links and get everything settled in. I know stuff is busted. I know.

Onward and upward.