I'm pleased to announce that the website containing my father's writing has some new additions. A co-worker of his contacted me recently and informed me that she had copies of his stories, including some that I did not have in my collection here. She sent them to me last week and they arrived this weekend. I was delighted, because I just knew of at least one story that I didn't have. Well, that one, along with a couple others I'd never seen, were included in the envelope.

I read them all over a bowl of soup (and a couple of beers) this Saturday. It was easier than the first batch of stories. I know that's progress, but it's also not necessarily a good thing.

Anyway, I typed up a couple of them and added them to the site, so I wanted to let y'all know. There are a few more, and I'll get them up there as soon as I can. I type slowly.

Enjoy them.

The Kid was a jerk.