Breda (click for full size)

Say hi to Breda. Breda is the youngest daughter (she's three) of our friends Dierdre and Evan. Last time we saw her, she was being baptized, and that was years ago. Breda and her older twin sisters Claire and Elise live with mom and dad in San Antonio, Texas as mom is finishing out her medical residency. We miss them.

So when mom, dad and the gang were in Boston for a medical conference, and staying through the weekend before heading home, Brenda & I thought it a good chance to see them all. Amtrak's Acela service whisked us up to Boston Friday night, and Saturday morning I found myself sitting at a table with three sets of young eyes watching me eat eggs.

Those who know me know I have no kid aspirations. The little ones pretty much freak me out. But it always makes me happy to see people devoted to the idea of not only bringing people into this world, but following through on the responsibility of raising those people, every day, for the rest of their lives. Evan & Dierdre are two such people, and Saturday we got to see the current state of the fruits of their efforts.

And when Breda decided to fall in love with me over breakfast, I was only too happy to indulge her every whim for the remainder of the day.

Kids are drawn to me. They smell fear.

Walking out of the hotel to start our day, Breda looked up at me, blinked, smiled, and thrust her hand up at me. I was to hold her hand. I melted. We held hands for much of the day, I carried her around, and by the end of the day "Uncle Rob" was carrying her on his shoulders, because, quite simply, that's what she had asked him to do.

Dierdre & Evan & Brenda & I caught up on things, which was great, but just watching all three of their kids behave like little growing adults was simply amazing. There are other stories, and other pictures from this weekend, but right now Emma demands she be petted.