March 25 was my Dad's birthday for as long as I can remember, and long before that. I guess it still is, in the sense that he was born on this day. But he also died on another day -- June 3rd -- which adds a whole new wrinkle to the whole "birthday" thing. And since this is the first arrival of Dad's birthday since his passing, I've been thinking about the significance of the day.

We celebrate birthdays because they mark the passing of a year in a life. But what about a year in a death? Should June 3rd hold a new significance? Do we stop celebrating the birthday and start marking time since the second biggest event in a life?

June 3rd will forevermore cease to be cause for celebration, but then again March 25th is the day my dad was born... and now he's gone. So what are we to celebrate? I guess today's a day for reflection on all the years he was here, and all the memories that were initiated by his being on this planet. And June 3rd's a day for reflection on the pain of losing him, and memories of the realization that he was no longer on this planet.

So, what to celebrate? Probably it's a subtle blend of the two from now on.

Since I cannot hand him a book to open this year, let me hand you all a couple chapters from his book: new content at The Kid's site, available now.

Happy Birthday, Dad.