(bring bring)

Hi. Yeah. You still in the office? Yeah, I'm on the train. No, I can talk. (earpice in, he places his Wall Street Journal on the seat between us -- yuk.)

Yeah. No, yeah, I read it. Uh huh.

Well, they think we can just put together a term sheet now, and I... I uh... I just don't think we're there yet.

No. Yeah. Well, quite frankly, I read it, and I don't understand it.

Yeah! (laughing) These guys, they think, quite franklyyyyy, that uhhhh, we can just do this deallll, and frankly, it ahhhhh, just doesn't work that way (sanctimonious guffaw)!

No. Yeah. Yep. Well these guys, they think they're giving us SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS for a product. They don't know what they're getting, quite frankly.

Look, look. We can't get backed into a corner and throw out a term sheet, and have another stinky DEAL on our hands, we have enough of those. Right. Yeah.

Well, our guys are ready to do the development in house! Quite frankly, we don't need their money, is what I'm saying. I'm saying, we need to have our guys look at this one more time and put together a solid TERM SHEET on this DEAL before we go anywhere. Yeah. And I want the guys upstairs to look at this as well. Yeah. Because I don't understand it.

Look, look, let's do this thing, tomorrow morning. Yeah. Yeah. Get Kevin on this too...

(Mercifully, the train arrives at my stop. I still hear him talking as I step onto the platform and the doors close behind me.)

Hi folks, Rob here. You see the kind of shit I have to listen to on this train? This little jerk thinks everyone gives a shit about his currently stinky deal that he doesn't understand anyway. Oh sure, there's SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS at stake here, which "he" doesn't even need in the first place, but you know what, hearing these bullshit macho conversations gives me a glimpse into the world of the Wall Streeters, and the more I know about these people the less I like them as a group. And this clown, if he was actually worth a good goddamn, he'd be driving in his Mercedes to his home in Montclair, not riding on this miserable train with the likes of me. So, he's just, like, a dick, quite frankly.