Folks, you just can't make this shit up.

It appears that we now have an organization devoted to the support and development of christian video games, games that support family values and spread the christian "message".

My question is, where do "Crusades 1-9" and "Spanish Inquisition" fit in their little wholesome product line up? Give me a break. This is just more evidence that people suck, and that the really evil ones tend to pose as our saviors. Want more evidence? Check out the about page of Bretheren Entertainment (who tout the spiffy tagline "entertaining for eternity"), where they state the following:

As believers in Christ, we pray that God will be glorified through our work and that each of us draw nearer to Him as we develop and grow as a business. We also pray for God's unyielding protection for our company, as well as others who are involved in His perfect plan for the world.

Praying for god's unyielding protection for your company? That's as ludicrous as president bush asking god to bless the USA, right after he signs an executive order to go kill a bunch of US soldiers, and innocent people in Iraq. These people are profit mongers, just like the rest of us. But they sell it like they're doing our children a favor, and I think it sucks.

I did learn, from the CGDF's website, that a new and apparently very dangerous 3D sex simulation game is now available and may even be in stores near me. Thank god for the Christian Game Developers Foundation, as now I know to look for "Virtually Jenna".