The cat's outta the bag: my boss knows, my friends & family know; now the occasional websurfer who stumbles onto this site will also know: I'm moving to Boulder, Colorado.

What started as an innocent dinner date with a colleague in town for Lightfair this past April turned into a job possibility, which turned into a job offer, which turned into a job. Anyone who's read this site for a while knows my searing hatred for my commute into New York City. What I don't talk about too often is my old love of cycling. Boulder offers a cycling-friendly environment, amazing views and the company I'll be working for is cool to boot.

Brenda's gonna join me out there once her current freelance contract is up and then we'll look for a place of our own. I'm looking forward to experiencing life in the west, 15 years after falling in love in Santa Fe, NM. Boulder is a land of brewpubs, bicycles, bookstores, clean air and liberal minds. Who knows, this entire website may take on a new flavor as I mellow out and loosen up. Well, probably not. I'll complain about different stuff. Dry air and Grateful Dead fans will be my new evil ills.

Regardless of what I end up hating, I'm certain this is going to be a grand adventure, and I hope to document much of it here. Stay tuned.