Outta my way, Mork. Boulder's about to get a new resident.

Tomorrow I get on a plane, and Tuesday I start a new job, in a new city. Brenda & Emma will join me shortly, but I need to start out there ASAP, so it's off to Boulder for me, with a suitcase and my laptop. I'll have a little more than a dance belt and a tube of chap stick ($5 to the first person to get that reference), but not much more. Hotels and corporate apartments are in my immediate future, as well as the exploration of a new city and adjusting to a new office, new co-workers and a new branch of my career. It's really frigging exciting, but it's also been very odd these last couple of weeks. Everywhere I go, I think "this is the last time...", whether it's going to a restaurant we like, or into the city, or cursing at yet another horrible driver. Lots of goodbyes have been said these last few weeks, and I didn't even get them all in. I keep telling myself I'll be back, and of course I will; most of my family is in this area, so that's not a worry. But for some reason, today, the gravity of the situation landed on my head. Something about packing all you're gonna have into two suitcases makes you realize all that you're leaving behind.

Emma knows exactly what's going on, and Brenda's even less pleased. But someday soon we'll all be out there, in a new house with great views, and a couple of bikes. And no, I will not ever, ever, own a pair of sandals. I think this is gonna be good.