You have to love this.

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All week, the local movie theatre - complete with fabulous neon marquee - has been advertising not a movie, but a live broadcast of Stage Fifteen of the Tour de France.

Showtime: 5:30.


As in, in the morning. As in, five thirty in the frikkin' morning. The local paper mentions raffles and bloody marys, but I'll need more than that to get me out to the Boulder Theatre at five in the morning.

But you know what? I'll bet you there was a good turnout. As for me, I watched the end of the stage after I woke up, which was whenever the hell I woke up. The entire stage will be rebroadcast several times throughout the day and I will see what I gotta see, but there is something very cool about living in a town that hosts a live early-hour broadcast of this pivotal stage in this very special edition of this very special race.

A 1,000 year-old woman just walked into the coffee shop wearing white Crocs with matching white ankle socks. This should never happen.