Time for another long-overdue update. Let's go in reverse order, with regard to the title of this post.

I've got a cold. It sucks. (ah-choo!)

Been traveling more than usual, both for work and play. I was in Chicago this Wednesday for a meeting, and I guess I'd better get used to the idea of buisness travel again. I knew this was one of the downsides of taking this new job -- the attendant increase in travel and meeting requirements. I guess you take the good with the bad. Before Chicago, I was in Princeton, NJ visiting Brenda who has been there for a couple of weeks running the costume shop for a show at the McCarter Theatre. Brenda has been in NJ more than she's been in CO these last several months, and it's been hard for all of us. But she has some freelance work lined up at the Denver Center for October, which will make the month she spends in NJ in November easier, I guess. It looks like December will be the first month that Brenda, Emma and I will finally be a family in Colorado. (Speaking of Emma, she's better than ever, and is currently blinking at me from the chair across the living room.)

The move-in went well, as well as it could possibly go. In fact, the whole experience was a live demo of You Get What You Pay For. We bit the bullet and paid for real movers this time, and they came and packed our stuff, placed it in storage until we bought a place out here, and then showed up when they said they would and unloaded it into our new place, for the most part unscathed (and the stuff that was busted we can claim for reimbursement).

Meanwhile, Brenda has gone back to NJ and I have been surrounded by boxes. Many have been unpacked, but many (marked "misc") remain scattered around the house. Emma & I live in a state of semi-settled-ness. We need a new couch.

I got me a new bike, an Independent Fabrications cyclocross bike. It's way more bike than I need for riding to and from work, but it is a very cool bike and I hope to explore some trails with it. It was one of those eBay deals you can't refuse; I expect I'll get another low-end bike that I can really abuse and leave locked up in front of bars and stuff.

I have been less involved with baseball than I have been in in years, but seeing the stupid Red Sox get swept was nothing short of glorious. Those bums in Boston got what they deserved, and the world now knows that they are truly a bunch of losers, and anyone with a Red Sox shirt, or hat, or underpants, can go scratch themselves. BOSTON SUCKS! YEAH!!!

Today's eighteen inning extravaganza in Houston was a slim second-best to the defeat of the lesser sox, but today's downing of the perennial losers, the atlanta braves, was another wonderful affirmation that all is right with the world, and that the braves and the red sox SUCK. The Yankees won today, and have to face the embarrasment of a game five against the Angels, but I don't care; the red sox and the braves have already proven themselves as the losers that they are, and I will sleep well all winter knowing that the natural order of the universe has been restored.


Sorry for the sophomoric ending, but hey, it's true.