OK, it's official: Brenda, Emma and I are Boulder residents.

I moved out here in July, flying out with two suitcases and initially living in a hotel. Eventually I moved to a corporate apartment. Later on Brenda drove out here with Emma and good friend Joe providing companionship and books on tape, and then we looked for a house. We found one, and then Brenda went back to New Jersey to work a freelance gig. She came back to close on the new place, and the movers came and dumped off 217 boxes of crap, and the next day Brenda went back to New Jersey.

Well, that gig is completed (and we have a very cool autographed cast photo from Brenda's latest production, including signatures from John Amos and Phylicia Rashad to prove it), and she arrived back in Boulder this past Friday. This weekend was the first weekend that me, Brenda and Emma were all together in Boulder in our new house, and even though with the great weather we had this weekend we should have been climbing a mountain or doing a four-hour yoga session in a tree someplace, we spent most of it right here at home, unpacking and settling in.

Today, I made a pot of soup and the fish & potatoes dish today, so the place finally smells like someone lives here.

We need patio furniture and a grill. I need to figure out why in the hell our DVD player only shows a black and white picture. Brenda's costume shop needs to be set up. I no longer have a filing cabinet for my stuff (but now I have a couple of tupperware hanging file boxes and a labelmaker, so someday, someday by god, I will be an organized motherfucker).

We got a phone line last Thursday, and so today I set up the TiVo. It's truly horrifying how much I love that device, and how much I missed it. I've since set up the wireless connection for it, so now our little TiVo can connect to the service over our wireless LAN, and if need be I can display photos from my PowerBook's iPhoto library or play music from its iTunes library over the WLAN. The inability to do this for the last several months bothered me, even though I rarely take advantage of it. Now that I can do it again, I once again feel fully dorkonomious.

I got a bike, and am trolling eBay for more. I need parts. I need tools. I am once again addicted to bikes.

I watch the glider towplanes do their cool spiral dives back to pattern altitude from my kitchen window. Soon, after the financial dust settles from the whole move, I plan to look into either glider flying, mountain (powered) flying, or both.

We're here. We live in Boulder, and it's great.