Brenda Bearing Gifts

What a day! After some snow on Tuesday, and horrendously cold air Wednesday & Thursday, things finally warmed up again on Friday. By the weekend a lot of the snow had melted from bike paths, and it was finally time, at long last, for Brenda to get a chance to try out her new bike and join me for a ride through Boulder.

I bought Brenda a sweet Bianchi Milano on eBay, but it arrived exactly a day after she headed back to NJ for her last freelance gig in November. So I was really glad to see ma nature cooperating this weekend, her first full weekend back in Boulder.

I feel like I've been pushing the bike thing with her, but she was the one who was raring to go this morning. We rolled out, joined the Bear Creek Path which runs right behind our development, and moments later joined up with the Boulder Creek Path, tracing the banks of Boulder Creek as we rolled into town. We ended up at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, where we had breakfast, and then rode over a few blocks to the Pearl Street shopping district. We locked up, and strolled along the pedestrian-only mall, picking up presents all along the way.

Pressing my old messenger bag and Brenda's handlebar basket into service, we loaded our booty and re-traced our steps home. It was a great day and I'm glad I got to share it with Brenda, outside, via bicycle.

Headed Home