I swear, I'm not losing interest in the blog thing. I dunno, I guess I have less to complain about.

Just to update, I built a pair of wheels for the first time in twelve years. Pictures to follow. My Singlespeed Project nears completion -- in fact, I will ride it to work tomorrow, sans rear brake and handlebar tape; pictures to follow. I spent a couple hours the last two days at the airport, and met a couple of nice guys who I plan to fly with shortly; I'm gonna get back into flying soon, real soon! I also discovered that I live so close to the local airport that I can not only see the airport beacon at night from my kitchen window, but I can also recieve the AWOS on my handheld radio from the comfort of my living room couch. This is handy, because when I see the trees bend in half in front of my home, I can quickly tune the awos to see that that was a 35 knot sustained wind peppered with a 47 knot gust that caused it (goddamned wind is what kept me on the goddamned ground all goddamned weekend, goddammit).

Yesterday it was in the 70's, and Brenda & I rode our bikes downtown for food and shopping. This place is paradise. Yeah, I know we're only a third of the way through the winter, and I know there is more snow on the way, but so far, this beats the shit out of waiting for the (always late) 8:13 "express" at motherfucking Metropark station. Hippies be damned, this place rocks.

Today I was supposed to fly (again) but the wind had other ideas (again). But I met an Old Guy who is into tailgragger instruction, so I'm starting to think I found some guys who will be fun to fly with and may even teach me a thing or two, something I thought I lost forever when I left John and all the guys at Andover Flight behind in New Jersey.

Certainly, pictures and words are soon to follow, about bicycles and airplanes and people, and that should be as good a review as any about the current state of affairs.

To use the parlance of this place, it's all good, no worries, NICE.