Yeah, so I missed most of the State of the Union, forgetting about the time zone change (yeah, it STILL happens to me). But from the look of things, it was big business as usual so who gives a shit anyway. What's been fun, in a staggeringly depressing way, is to review the snippets of Karl Rove's -- I mean the President's -- speech, against the cold truth of the facts behind the rhetoric. You can do this not on the major news outlets, because they are all whores who suck. I'm tired of George Snuffalupagus and god knows I don't need to hear "The Democratic Response", which is sure to be one more performance of people who still can't get their shit together, whining ineffectively about this buffoon in office.

What you can do is head over to Think Progress' site for a nice recap of the whole charade, with factual turdlets that follow each rosy assertion made by that incompetent jerkoff named Georgie Dubya Bush.