This weekend, the second annual Boulder International Film Festival hit town, and Brenda & I took full advantage, taking in two feature-length films and watching a program of short films yesterday afternoon. Everything we saw was shown at the fabulous Boulder Theatre, a quirky old joint downtown with a great old marquee, uncomfortable seats, and a full service bar. Boulder does everything differently.

Friday night we saw "C.R.A.Z.Y.", which was a great coming of age flick about a whole family, really, but centered on one son and his homosexuality. It was a fantastic ensemble cast and was one of those performances that are all too rare these days, an entire cast that worked well together. The actress who portrayed the mother, Danielle Proulx, was brilliant, as were the two actors who played the main character at various stages of his life. We were treated to a live appearance by Ms. Proulx after the film, but unfortunately she was barraged with Boulder intellectuals each trying to outdo one another with arty film questions, or addressing Ms. Proulx in her native French Canadian tongue. Annoying .

Yesterday's short film program was marginally entertaining, one standout being a humorous adaptation of "West Side Story", re-set in Israel, with the Sharks and the Jets replaced by workers at the Hummus Hut and the Falafel King, and an impossible love story between the pretty Palestinian and the handsome Israelli checkpoint guard.

Ironically enough, that short film was followed last evening by "Diameter of the Bomb", a sad documentary that explores in detail the aftermath of a suicide bombing on the 32A bus. The music was fantastic, the interviews gripping, and the forensic footage - including what remained of the bomber's head - shocking, if not somewhat predictable. The interviews with the bomber's family offered a view of "the other side of the story" that we never get on western television. A very interesting documentary, and I was struck by the silence of the crowd as we exited the theater. I like to see movies like that.

There are plenty more offerings today, the final day of the film festival, but I think we're movied out at this point.