It's here! My new MacBook Pro! OS X running on a dual-core Intel. Backlit keyboard. 15.4" screen. Friggin' great.

So far, so good, but a few bumps in the road too. For some reason, I can't connect to my wireless router, so I'm leeching off of a less-than-clued-in neighbor's open router, but the first thing I really need is the latest version of xcode so I can compile Radiance, and the damned installer is over 800 megabytes, so as that crawls into my hard drive I'm just playing with the new gadgets like Spotlight and Dashboard, and setting up some of the basic apps. The email program that ships with OS X is vastly improved with this version, and the built-in video camera is cool. Holding my hands over the speakers -- where the photosensor is apparently hidden -- to force the keyboard backlighting to activate is pure theater, and this thing is FAST. My four year old Powerbook is really looking old and grey at this point, and I'm having fun exploring my first new personal computer in four years.

More to follow, certainly.