Our beloved cat Emma has had a bout with celebrity of late, appearing in the latest issue of Delicious Living Magazine. Emma was one of two test subjects for an organic pet treats article for the mag. My buddy Lauren occasionaly freelances for this magazine, and while their dog Begbie was more than ready for the challenge on the dog treat side, Lauren needed another tester for the feline side. Enter Emma. (Lauren and her boyfriend Bill were both roommates of mine while in college at various times, have lived out here in Boulder for six years or so, and were great tour guides when Brenda & I were here last May for my job interview.)

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The very scientific test period occurred a couple months ago, and I compiled reams of data, none of which added up to much, really. But each day I dilligently placed one of each treat on the floor, and noted in which order Emma gobbled them up. And here's the thing: I placed the treats in a random order each time! This, I was convinced, bordered on sheer statistical brilliance. Emma didn't really seem to care one way or the other. She got her dope, three servings a day, in fact. After the test period was over, I compiled the voluminous data into a spreadsheet for analysis:

Feline Treat Analysis

As you can see, the Greenies were the clear favorite, but then again maybe Emma's just partial to the color. In the end, Greenies suffered a bad rap of late and Emma loved the fish flakes that come in a variety of formats anyway(hint: you can skip the pet store and just go to any supermarket with a decent international foods section and buy the dried bonito flakes). Lauren hammered out a series of descriptions that pretty much told the story on Emma's gravitation to the various snacks, revised to omit the Greenies since they have come under fire of late. But really, the main thing is to just look at Emma's very photogenic mug. Here's the article:

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<p>If you're in Whole Foods or one of the other supermarkets that offer this free publication, snap up the April issue to see Emma and Begbie in all their glory.</p>