Well, this past weekend was a bittersweet reunion with the Land of Enchantment -- Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's where I fell in love with the mountains of the southwestern United States, and, in the summer of 1990, working as an electrician for the Santa Fe Opera, it's where I fell in love with my wife. And it's where Brenda is right now.

Brenda's been doing freelance projects both at home and in Denver for the last few months, but had an offer to go to work at the Santa Fe Opera as a draper for part of the 2006 season, and seven weeks doesn't sound like a long time when that seven weeks is eight weeks away, so.

The weekend was spent visiting old haunts, and old friends in new arrangements.

The burger joint "Dave's not Here" is still, uh, there, and the 9oz burger with grilled onions and pickled jalapenos still the Burger Benchmark.

The restaurant at Rancho de Chimayo is not anything at all as I remembered, but the fact that I arrived there sober and during daylight hours may have something to do with that. Not sure, though.

There's something about working in a building an average of 80 hours a week for a whole summer that paints an indelible mark on your brain, because as I walked out of the costume shop after dropping Brenda off and saying goodbye, I was mesmerized by the matte black cinder blocks that formed the foundation and walls of the lower floors of the theatre. Sure, the roof was redesigned a number of years ago, to allow for the enclosure of all seating, but the rest of it looked very much the same way it did in '89 and '90.

Brenda's in charge of a crew of seven, and back in a high pressure situation. As compensation, she's left a detailed care & feeding instruction list for the many plants we have here, which carries a certain expectation that the plants will remain alive for the seven weeks she's gone.