At last, a quality sunset has graced the skies over Boulder. One of the things I loved about living in Santa Fe oh so long ago was the amazing sunsets that were an almost daily occurrence. Usually in the afternoon the sun's rays would have spawned a good thunderstorm, and the scattered clouds left in its wake would become the perfect reflectors of the setting sun's rays. It seems that Boulder is almost too clear, its skies almost always devoid of those great puffy cumulus clouds that are a requirement for a quality sunset.

But today we had three storms in town, the result of the brutal heat and relentless sun we've been experiencing, no doubt. These storms left behind a ragged collection of clouds and overcast right through 'till sunset. And as the sun went down, the low angle rays caught the edges of clouds and bounced off the overcast, rendering our living room in an eerie orange glow that brought me outside, to this:

Boulder Sunset

Tonight's sunset was, without a doubt, the best sunset I've seen in Boulder since moving here.

Speaking of Santa Fe, I was there again this weekend, where Brenda & I celebrated our belated anniversary. We ate dinner at the Santa Cafe, a joint that was beyond reach of two apprentice/staff opera people, but now was more doable. We stayed at the Inn on the Alameda, again enjoying the life that all Opera apprentices deserve but cannot afford. And yesterday was truly hump day, in that it marked the exact halfway point of Brenda's contract; she'll be home in Boulder by July 4th (which will also be my one year anniversary of being a Boulder resident).