Well, shit. This is even better. God damn, when it's presented like this you just want to cry.

Hey Bush supporters: read this please, and then look in the mirror and ask yourself what in the fuck you are thinking. If some passage from the bible is your first thought, I'm guessing you're just as confused as our leader is. And shame on you, you stupid idiot.

If there's a Bush supporter out there who can name one useful thing he's done, foreign or domestic -- one positive effect he's had, or is ever likely to have, or that will not backfire on us with the impact of an Israeli air strike -- I long to hear it. Because it is starkly clear that history will judge this ill-bred, malignant narcissist to be not just the worst American president, but a force for evil in the world unseen since the glory days of fascism and Communism. And judge those who voted for him to be entirely responsible for the worldwide calamity known as George W. Bush.

Fuckin' a. I'm goin' fishin'.