Sometimes you look out and it looks like a postcard... I'm motivated by the mountains. For some people it's the ocean, for me, it's the mountains. - Scott Moninger

It's been a while since I've posted anything, I haven't hiked a step since our Long's Peak ascent three weeks ago, but rest assured I'm still here and loving every second of Colorado living. Been on a few bike rides, and every time I go I'm awed by the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains' Front Range. What really hit home for me though, what really smacked me in the face and told me that I'm lucky to be here, was the arrival of the new Colorado Cyclist catalog on Friday. This is a catalog that I used to get regularly back east in my Hoboken apartment, my Glassboro dorm, and my Blackwood home. And when I'd look at the pictures of the models wearing the cycling clothing they'd invariably have these unbelievably beautiful mountain backdrops behind them. I used to wonder who these people were, and what they did to deserve to live and ride amidst such beauty.

And now I live here, and ride the same roads, and stare at the same mountains. I still can't believe my luck.

The pictures in the Colorado Cyclist catalog took on a whole new dimension for me this time around, because now they were actually familiar. After twenty years of staring at those pictures and wondering who those people were, on Friday I realized that now I am one of those lucky people. And the article in the latest VeloNews -- the one that contained the Scott Moninger quotation quoted at the beginning of this post -- was fun to read, because it essentially pegged Colorado as the great cycling state that it is. I felt a sense of pride knowing I was a resident. After just 15 short months, I feel a deep attachment to this state, its scenery and its people. I think that says a hell of a lot.

Cyclocross, that quirky combination of cycling, cross-country and steeplechase, was always a curious mystery to me back east. In two weeks, the inaugural event in the annual Boulder Cyclocross Series will take place, right across the street from our house. I have access to miles of bike paths right outside my garage door. My neighbor across the street is the head mechanic for the Trek Mountain Bike Racing Team. Can you believe this shit?

I'm surrounded by mountains and cycling culture and loving every minute of it.