Wow. (Another) Yankee goes and gets himself killed flying, and now the criminal (yes, criminal, just like his asshole father) Chicago Mayor Daley and Hillary Clinton are yapping about how dangerous these small planes are. CNN's shitty website ran a poll recently asking the good citizens of the websurfing world if small planes should be "allowed" to fly over densely populated cities, and the majority answered no.

Chill out, people.

I have never Monday-morning-quarterbacked a plane crash before, but moments after hearing about the Lidle crash I already had a good idea what had happened; after watching the video and seeing the smoke streaming west I had all the info I needed. Cory and his instructor flew up a dead end canyon of airspace and tried an already tight turnaround, downwind, in a stiff and gusty wind. This strong wind took them over Manhattan and they were apparently caught unawares and before they knew their mistake and could plan an exit they flew into a building. They were idiots, pure and simple. And now asshole politicians are using this tragic act of stupidity to twist it into moronic legislation and more fear mongering. This is retarded bullshit and it pisses me off. Some kid hopped up on Accutane flew a stolen Cessna into a Florida office building a couple years ago and all he managed to do was break a window and stain a carpet. Cory Lidle and his brilliant instructor did a little more damage, owing to some fuel burning, but the bottom line is the plane pancaked into the building and fell to the ground. Terrorism shouldn't even enter into the discussion, but it does, even with the democrats. I'm so sick of these moronic politicians attaching themselves to "causes" that don't need attention, scaring people, hamstringing pilots and restricting freedoms to further their political careers because the masses are uneducated about general aviation.

Fuck you, Hillary, drop dead, Daley. Lautenberg, you can kiss my ass too.

I learned to fly in the New York City area and I never thought to fly up the East River Corridor for the very reason that it required a tight 180-degree turn to get back out. It's really only meant for helicopters, or good pilots on a good weather day. Cory made a mistake, but his accident affected a lot of people, and that's unfortunate. But this post-9/11 climate has allowed People like Daley and Clinton to seize on this event for their own political gain. They can all go to hell.

If you doubt my assessment of the crash, here's a screenshot of Cory's view of his last few seconds. My friend loaded up a flight model of a Cirrus SR-22 (the plane he was flying) into Microsoft Flight Simulator, placed the plane at the last point (lat/long and altitude) he was tracked northbound on radar, set the wind speed and direction exactly as it was at the time of the crash, and began a 60-degree (very steep) turn to get turned around and head south out of the East River Corridor. Here's what he saw:

Liddle's View

The wind took them over the island of Manhattan (into controlled airspace) and they simply didn't recover or form a Plan B in time. I'll eat crow if I'm wrong (turns out I wasn't, but I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that that's what happened, pure and simple. It's a damned shame, but we don't need to be grounding pilots because of it. Plenty more people get killed every day by assholes who can't drive.