One time, in high school (not band camp), my friend Brian Scargill called someone an "assbutt" in gym class. I'll never forget it. I thought it was brilliant, to call a guy an amalgam of slang phrases for the posterior. While I never forgot the moment, or the expression, I've never, ever used it. But now I am forced to do so, for fear of calling this idiotic moron something far worse.

Say hello to Assbutt "Breakdancing,White,In2006" Assholeface:
Assbutt, kickin' it at the 2006 Holiday Party

This horrific image captures the New York City Twentysomething Financial Sector Asshole Jerkoff in its natural setting around this time of year, the office holiday party. My dear friend sent me this picture as evidence that she needs to get the hell out of her current job, but I would argue that most office environments are habitats for similar specimens. Sigh...