Well, if this ain't the most non-standard Christmas I've ever experienced, I don't know what is.

After the Blizzard of the Universe rolled into town Wednesday, dumping nearly three feet of snow in Boulder and Denver, our office closed on Thursday -- my first-ever adult snow day! But the nagging pain in the back of my mouth that began with the first snowflakes continued throughout the snow day, and so Friday I found myself in the dentist's chair, looking for answers.

Answer: my wisdom tooth needs to come out.

Extra information: It's Christmastime, and no one is friggin' around to do the job, so I get to complain to Brenda about my aching mouth until friggin' Thursday. So, with my jaw barking at me, we decided to cut our losses and reschedule our east coast swing, avoiding the fallout from the blizzard at the airport (turns out our scheduled flight was only delayed an hour on Saturday) and allowing me to self-medicate with alcoholic beverages and rich food (I made steak tartare last night).

Last year was the first time I spent Christmas without my mom and my sister (we went to Brenda's Mom's place), but this year we will not be with any family at all. We've been wanting to do a Christmas in Boulder, but this certainly wasn't the way we wanted to do it. But, we are lucky to have already amassed some great friends here in Boulder and we will party with them tomorrow and hopefully I'll forget all about my tooth situation for at least five minutes or so.

If you have any painkillers lying around, mail them to me. The airport is open once again, and you could expedite the shipping. Meanwhile, accept my deepest wishes for a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season.