Well, I just go back from the barbarian's office, sans tooth #32. That hurt a lot, and it's starting to get worse as the Novocaine wears off. At least it was fast. This is gonna get worse before it gets better, but the good news is my office is closed tomorrow through Tuesday so I can lie around and complain in the comfort of my own home. Brenda will be thrilled.

Words cannot describe the delight I feel by being the oral surgeon's entertainment for the day; after several moments of yanking and tweaking the tooth was out, and he goes "cool root"! He showed it to me -- the same way a satanic gargoyle shows you your heart after ripping it out of your chest -- and explains that the hooked root is probably what made the extraction "uncomfortable". Uh huh.

Apparently in a couple weeks I'll be totally 100%. In the short term, I have some Vicodin.

The worst part is, I forgot to ask him for the tooth. No souvenir, dammit.