OK, that's quite enough already, with the fuckin' snow. I get it. I live in Colorado. But the shit's only useful in the mountains, which is apparently where half my office is headed today, to ski. I wouldn't know, but hopefully by next weekend I will understand what this snow fever is all about. Right now, to me, all it is is a friggin' nuisance.

After dropping Brenda off at the bus and our car off at the dealer to have the damage from last week's snowstorm(s) repaired, I strapped on the gaiters and plodded through the snow to my office. Looks like we got 8-9" here already, and it's supposed to snow most of the day again. It wouldn't be so bad if Brenda didn't have to be in Denver for the next three days.

Suddenly our fun little front wheel drive, low slung car ain't so much fun anymore.