It ain't exactly "U.S. Marshals".

Today, Boulder's local paper ran a fairly well-reseached, honest piece of journalism, yet it reads like something out of The Onion. Ward, Colorado, you see, is in need of some new police. The town's only state-certified lawman, Robert "Fuzzy Bob" Spratford, is retiring -- leaving only two guys named Skinny Pete and Tiny to protect and serve.

Ward, Colorado is this quirky little semi-ghost town, a relic from the mining boom. Once the richest town in Colorado during the Gold Rush, it's now populated with folks who thought even Boulder was too conservative and thus headed for the hills. Filled with anti-establishment types and a rather large collection of broken-down vehicles, Ward incorporated as a home-rule town and thus lives by its own rules, not necessarily those of Boulder County -- hence the all-volunteer, all-hippie cop force.

I doubt Tommy Lee Jones would be cast to portray Fuzzy Bob Spratford; Willie Nelson's a more likely candidate. After all, Willie's already got the pony tail, and the truck that burns biodiesel.

Full Article: "Ward considers options as marshal steps down"