A couple of weeks ago I posted an innocent little blurb about riding my bike in the snow to deliver some christmas presents to the post office. I included a picture of my beloved singlespeed "townie" bike that was used for the purpose. The thing is, the bike's frame is whimsically called the "Il Pompino". It's made by a company in the U.K. called On-One, and it's a great, bombproof bike frame, perfect for the task. Perhaps because the company is in the U.K. they don't realize this, but the phrase "Il Pompino" means "blow job" in Italian. Eh, probably they do know.

I knew of this alternate meaning when I bought it, and I sometimes refer to my townie bike as the blowjob bike. It's all fun and games until someone gets inundated with spam. See the thing is, ever since I posted that story I've been getting Italian porn spam, and Italian porn sites are even linking back to my story. I don't know much Italian, but like Potter Stewart, I know porn when I see it, and I could see that some of the text of these spam emails was just dripping with hot, italian fellatio.

Yes, I clicked some of the links. Hot!

Anyway, here's the thing: the only place that the word pompino shows up in the entire post is in the alt title of the image of my bike. The title of the image is "pompino-snow.jpg". Now, I ask you: who among us has gotten a blow job while lying in the snow? Have we all forgotten the lessons of the infamous "Shrinkage Episode" from Seinfeld?

At any rate, regardless of where you get your freak on, I thought this was interesting, how a single word buried in a blog post could spark such an (admittedly automated) reaction from so many sites around the world. And I'm sure that after this post, my inbox is gonna be scorchin' for the next few days...