Today Brenda & I got up to Brainard Lake for some snowshoe hiking. It's nice to be able to access some of the trails we liked in the summer, and snowshoes allow us to do that. We got our snowshoes all the way back in October, and we used them exactly once -- long enough to figure out that we needed some waterproof pants to enjoy ourselves up there. Between then and now, we had lots of blizzards and Brenda was very busy with work, so we have not gotten a chance to get back out there until this weekend.

It was worth the wait; we hiked on the snowshoe-only trail up to Brainard Lake, which afforded great views of Mount Audubon which we had hiked last summer. The deafening silence of the woods is muffled further by the snow, and the blanket of white everywhere lends a new feel to a familiar trail. I hope to get some more snowshoe hikes in before the end of the season, but I gotta tell ya, some other outdoor enthusiasts caught my eye: cross-country skiers.

Gliding along the snow with their long skinny skis, these people seemed to be having a lot of fun as I plodded along in my big clunky snowshoes. I think this is next on the list of things to try. Meanwhile, here's a link to some photos from today:

Snowshoe Hiking Photo Album