Hercules Double IPA

The Stats:
Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver, CO
Style: India Pale Ale
abv: 9.1%

The Beer
Hercules Double IPA (India Pale Ale) is an exercise in excess. India Pale Ale, already a full bodied, hoppy and high-alcohol beer style, is taken to a whole new level in this rich, chewy brew. Golden in color, it pours cloudy with a nice medium head, and the beer clears nicely over time. The aroma is full of barley and you can almost taste the beer before ever taking a sip. And once you do take a sip, look out. The alcohol is always at the forefront, but so are all the flavors one would expect in an IPA -- primarily, hoppy bitterness trumping malty sweetness -- but it's all turned up to eleven. More of everything, in equal proportions. The end result is a strong beer with strong flavors, an IPA to remember; the only flaw is that it's so strong you can only drink so much in an evening! Highly recommended.

More Info
RateBeer.com Rating: 99(!)
Brewer's Info Page: http://www.greatdivide.com/thebeers/hercules.htm