So, the harsh reality is that Emma's cancer is so progressed, she's not ever gonna beat this. We discussed our various options with the vet today, and have decided to continue with the Prednisone and she got a shot of something else today too, some Elspar-something-or-other. IV fluids and "Pred" are the plan of attack. We're essentially opting for the junior varsity squad; the other, more aggressive options carried too many negatives for us. Heart risks with one protocol, bone marrow issues with another, and all of them would require Emma to take a ride to the vet on a weekly basis for shots and probing and general unpleasantness.

And, all of them end with Emma dying anyway.

Lymphoma in cats is often classified by the anatomical location where the cancer is found and whether the cancer is lymphocytic or lymphoblastic. Lymphocytic lymphoma is a cancer of mature lymphocytes and is a much less aggressive form of the disease. Lymphoblastic lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphoblasts and is a rapidly progressive form of lymphoma...

Guess which kind Emma has?

We've accepted that this is happening to her, and we believe that the best thing for her is to be here at home, even if that means that she's got less time. Feeding her highly poisonous chemo would keep her here for six months, tops. We've been told to halve that estimate, by going with the less invasive/abusive method we've selected. And I guess we're ok with that. As always with cancer, we'll just have to wait and see.