Vino cracks, loses a half hour in the hills; his Tour is over. Next day, Vino takes a stage win in convincing fashion, thrills the fans.


Son of a bitch, Vinokourov tested positive. The fuckin' idiot doped during the Tour de France, testing positive and getting his whole team kicked out of the Tour with less than a week to go, taking teammate Andreas Kloden--sitting pretty in fifth position--with him. If I were Andreas, I'd be pissed, but then maybe I'd be hoping I didn't get my ass caught too, since I'd be on the Astana team, a horrid joke of a doping conclave. Let's not forget that this was the gang of idiots that couldn't even field a goddamned team for last year's tour, since half the team was under suspicion of doping by association with Dr. Fuentes. Oh yeah, and if you're enjoying watching Alberto Contador lighting up the road this year, and maybe catching a case of smug satisfaction watching him toy with Rassmussen (the other big doping story of the '07 tour) on the Pyrenees, don't forget he too was on Astana last year.

Man, this just sucks. Roid Landis invalidated his Stage 17 comeback last year, and after 12 months of discussion about doping and how cycling needs to clean up its act, and the cycling press really handing it to the dopers and suspected dopers, we're back in the same pile of shit this year.

The thing that really pisses me off is the smug reaction from colleagues and the mainstream media who look at cycling like it's a circus. I mean, it is, but being a football fan and looking down your nose at professional cyclists is like being a catholic and looking down your nose at child molesters.

Are they all doing it? No way. But I'd say most are. Still. And that's what I find really sad. But I can tell you this: I can't wait for tomorrow's last stage in the Pyrenees. It's a great sport, filled with skill, danger, speed and pain. And I enjoy the contests and the scenery. And, P.S., the other sports have the same problem, but better unions, so shut up and enjoy the rest of the Tour.