I have so, so many things to say about Emma, but for now I just wanted to share all the photos we've been looking at the past couple weeks. I've scanned a bunch of photos from the pre-digital years, and compiled a few other ditties from Emma's "modern era". I've uploaded them all to my Flickr site and created a photo album -- or "set", in Flickr parlance -- for you to enjoy.

It's pretty amazing to watch the evolution of this cat -- and her owners -- as she moved through her life. All told, Emma had nine different permanent addresses in three U.S. states, wore two different collars (both short-lived), endured and survived two apartment building fires, and received in excess of 300 toy mice as Christmas presents over her years. Looking at these photographs tells a great story; Brenda & I have looked at the slideshow of these pictures a million times over the last few days and they bring back so many memories of our relationship. I've added captions to many of the photos (and plan to add more in the coming days, as well as update the dates and location information) in the hope that you all can absorb just a little bit of what Emma meant to us.


For those of you new to Flickr, I recommend you click the "view as slideshow" link that appears in the upper right corner of the page, and then hover your mouse cursor over the image that appears. You will see an icon with the letter I in the center of the photo; if you click that, the image titles and captions will appear overlaid on the photos. Then you can enjoy the show complete with commentary. There are tons of other ways to enjoy the Flickr content and please browse the site for more information on ways to do that.