Here's a nice easy way to save some energy, set your web browser's default home page to This website is merely a portal to the Google search engine -- the search results are the same exact ones you'd get of you had searched from Google's home page -- but the page background is all black. Since it takes less energy to display a black screen on a monitor than a white one, the general idea is that the thousands upon thousands of people that hit Google daily will save a trickle of electricity every time they visit Google this way. The reality is that this only holds true for the older CRT computer monitors; those using LCD monitors or laptops are not saving any energy with Blackle. However, the wihte-on-black color scheme is easier on the eyes, and all those using CRTs can feel that smug pride that all the Prius owners radiate, while surfing the web for your porn. So, check it out either way!

Check it out, at