OK, I know it's been a while. Here is what's on my mind:

  • When you own a dog, you clean more than ever, and yet your place is generally messier.
  • It's snowing on the high peaks. Winter is just about here. While I like the look of the mountains with the snow on them, I'm dreading the thought of a winter like we had last year here in Boulder.
  • The Colorado Rockies (baseball club) are absolutely tearing it up, and they remind me of the Phillies of 1993, another team of lower-paid gamers who ended up playing like a team instead of a collection of overpaid egos. I'll be rooting for a National League team this year in the World Series.
  • Speaking of baseball, I would love to see the Red Sox fold like the bunch of pussies that they are. They should already be declared the losers of the ALCS simply for Manny Ramirez's bullshit posturing when he hit that home run last night. Sorry, I just fucking hate that guy. Actually, I'm not sorry. He is a douchebag.
  • Speaking of baseball, who's idea was it to have Dane Cook do ads for major league baseball!? I truly believe I'd rather watch Carrot Top try and generate enthusiasm for the game than this no-talent ass wipe.
  • I got a new camera; just wait 'till you see the incredible pictures.
  • I saw my sister and my brother-in-law.
  • Things are generally good.