Say hello to Ellie:

Yes, we got another cat. On December 23rd. And we named her Noelle, a play on the season. But this was not an impulse buy.

Brenda & I have talked about getting another cat since the dawn of discussions about life after Emma. We actually had a kitten on hold the same time we had Hooper on hold, but we decided one thing at a time. But as time wore on, we thought we should add a cat to the mix sooner than later, lest Hooper get too used to the idea of being the sole recipient of our attention. And so, Noelle, a.k.a. Ellie.

She's three years old, and recently gave birth to a litter, even more recently was spayed, and her owner gave her and her brother up because she was moving out of the country.

We went to the Boulder Humane Society on Saturday, and placed a hold on one cat that we liked, but we didn't quite have the vibe, in much the same way we didn't feel a connection with Happy the Plott Hound we tried out the day before we met Hooper. The next day we planned to look at Loki, a handsome tabby who we liked the day before but didn't have a chance to meet before the adoption center closed. When we got there, Loki was already being visited but we saw that his sister was mewing fiercely and so we met with her, and she lived on my lap, purring, me melting, and Brenda said "let's just take her home".

And so, we now have a cat and a dog. They are living separate lives for the moment, but we've had some meet and greets. They are going well, and I think it's all going to work out. Ellie has her claws (which I can attest to), and Hooper seems more afraid of her than anything. Here are some snaps from tonight's meeting.

First, we have Hooper happening upon the aloof Ellie, lured by treats:

Moments later we have Ellie being petted by Brenda as Hooper retreats to the living room:

Cats rule.