Once again, rumblestrip.org has a new look. This time it's based on the neoclassical theme by Chris Pearson. Very clean, and with a rotating masthead graphic (currently randomly selected from eleven images, more to come).

The bigger news is that I've upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress. The new version supports tagging, which allows me to assign tags, or keywords, to each post. This allows a finer-grained content definition than the traditional "categories" I used to use. One nifty feature of the new layout is the new "tag cloud" feature, which displays all the tags in my blog; the more a tag appears, the larger the tag shows up in the cloud. This simply offers one more way to select posts by topic. Categories remain, and are selectable from a pulldown menu (as are monthly archives).

I've also changed the way images are sized, and as a result (and in order to assign tags to older material) I will be combing through my old posts to update them; in the meantime, old posts' images will not display correctly nor will the tag cloud reflect the actual total content of this blog for a litle while, until I have a chance to go through them all.

I've finally joined the modern age and added a digg section. You'd think that with one of my friends and blog readers being an employee at this up and coming internet company, I'd have latched on by now. Well, now I have a "Digging" section that will list my latest Diggs, or links to things I find on the internets that I find interesting or amusing. My first one is a real doozy, and recommended reading!

Lastly, my static pages are not accessible yet, but that's ok because they largely said "coming soon" on them. It is my sincere hope that this change, once and for all, motivates me to comb through all my old posts and fix typos, dead links, add tags and, finally, add in all my old static content from my original websites that were online as far back as 1996. Should be fun.

Oh yeah, and if you read my site regularly, you may have to force the css file to reload (ctrl+refresh or command+refresh) to get the images to display correctly. If the pics of Elle are huge, then you need to do this.

Bear with me as I bring all my content up to snuff and online. Onward!