Now that my wife and I own a dog, we have the pleasure of walking him, and picking up his deuces. One day recently I was out walking Hooper on his pee track (the short circuit around the public walkways in front of my condo) and he dropped a deuce on me, unsuspectingly. I had no poop bag. lesson learned. But I can tell you this, I went back in the house, got a bag and hunted Hooper's package down like the minefield clearers of Bosnia. Because I really have always hated people who leave their dog's crap in ball fields and on lawns. I don't want to be that guy. And so you can imagine my disgust last night when, as I roamed the ballfield alone, Hooper having long since given up on any and all formal training for the evening and scampering around at the other end of the park, I came across a pile. Now, this ballfield had a bunch of kids playing baseball in it just yesterday, it's not like no one's ever in here. I think it's pretty damned lame to leave your dog's crap in a public park, and I worry that one day Hooper's gonna drop one on a neighbor's lawn and I'm gonna get yelled at because of the assumption that I'd just leave it there. This fear is neatly summarized in a very entertaining tale at Rachel Lucas' website, which my friend from work told me about. Thought I'd share. The gal's got spunk.

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