Life goes on around here, the main story being the cat and dog, who continue to work through their issues. The gate remains, but Ellie is definitely interested in coming down and joining us. If only that damned dog wasn't down here:


When one of us does take Hooper out for a walk, Ellie is quick to come down, hurdle the gate, and start exploring the lower levels. Of course, she likes to do this from up high, like on top of the kitchen cabinets:

Ellie up High

Hooper finally got his own bed, but currently he believes it to be a giant expensive chew toy. Deep down, he knows what he's supposed to do on it, and eventually he settles down and demonstrates, like so:

Hooper & his new Bed

This post also is the first one that employs a new plugin that I installed, which allows for a slick Javascript display that enlarges the images in my posts. Try it out; click on any image in the post and it will expand to a slightly larger size, with caption. I plan to refine this a little bit more and then I'll incorporate this effect into all the previous posts, since I need to update them all to work with my new theme. Feedback welcome!