Well, it's official. I am fucking crazy.

At the ballfield tonight, exercising the dog, my neighbor Jeannie whipped out some treats for Hooper and her dog Joplin. She mentioned they were homemade. Instead of saying "take your homemade, organic, fair trade dog treats and your sixties-icon-named-after dog and get the hell out of here, hippie", I said "oh really? That sounds like a good idea, all-natural and all". Still not totally convinced this was anything I wanted to get involved in, I went home and did as she instructed, and Googled "homemade dog treats". After perusing a few that seemed like more trouble than they were worth, I stumbled across these little babies, called Bacon Bites.

In other words, bacon cookies. Imagine my delight!

And so I convinced Brenda when she got home that BLTs were on the menu tonight, and the extra bacon could go into the treats (OK, OK, there's never extra bacon when I make BLTs, but I thought this was a way to divert some of the fat to another stomach). And so, this guy who doesn't bake, who doesn't really like cookies at all, poured bacon fat and crumbled crispy bacon into a bowl with flour and egg (and garlic powder!) and actually rolled it out and cut it into little cookie nips. They are baking right now, at three twenty five, for thirty five to forty minutes. I am baking cookies for my dog. I am fucking insane. What's sadder is that I fully plan to sample the cookies, and I'm not a little scared that I will actually like them and start fighting with Hooper over them. I mean, they're bacon cookies, after all. Bacon... COOKIES! Am I wrong!?

Just before I started rolling out the dough, I walked over to Hooper with the dough (who was nicely draped over his bed, by the way) and let him have a sniff; two whiffs and he opened wide and tried to take the whole glob. So, I think he's gonna like 'em.