Hooper is a licker.

In recent days, the temperatures have soared to the point where I wore shorts to work today. Never mind that it is supposed to snow here tomorrow, in April you take advantage of the warm sunny days. So I wore shorts today, and that means Hooper was licking my legs (and up my shorts) whenever I was in the vicinity. With our dear friends Dierdre and Evan coming this weekend with their three kids in tow, I started thinking it might might be a good time to teach Hooper that the vigorous licking, while appreciated, is not always appropriate.

And so we have embarked on our latest "trick", the training of "stop licking". Brenda & I decided it would be cool to teach Hooper some Italian while we were at it, so we selected the term "basta" as the "leave me alone" term, which is Italian for "enough". He's getting it.

How cool is it to have a bilingual Lab?