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Yeah, that's right, I sprained my ankle dismounting from my longboard at high speed yesterday afternoon. Hoop & I have been getting used to having him pull me around on the board, something I thought he'd enjoy and possibly a fun way to help him burn off some energy. We've been practicing on a stretch of bike path that's nestled between a highway retaining wall and some backyard fences, so it's impossible for Hooper to run off into the street if I have to let go. Another thing we have been practicing is waiting at crosswalks before entering the street. As we approach a curb cut on one of our walks, a simple, firm "wait" generally halts Hooper in his tracks and he waits for me to give the OK to cross. So yesterday I had the bright idea that we would cruise on the longboard and test his ability to wait while pulling. Didn't go so well.

When I plopped the board down, Hooper took off in a full run; this was fun at first, as he clawed for more, ears flapping, and we mushed down the path like an Iditarod team on crack. But quickly I could see he was in another zone, one that only knows "RUN", and not "WAIT". This was confirmed as I started yelling "wait", "Wait", "WAIT!" as the street got closer. At this point we were going too fast for me to be able to stop the board and hold onto the leash, so I made sure the street was clear, let go of the leash and jumped off the board. Unfortunately for me, I landed on my left foot slightly turned, which promptly rolled over far more than it should have. I rolled into the grass, and Hooper stood across the street, tail wagging, watching the now-pilotless longboard roll up next to him. He looked at me quizzically as I laid there in the grass, as if to say "Yo Rob, the board's over here! Come on!"

I collected myself, the board and the dog and we hobbled home, and by the time I got home I realized I had probably done something bad. I was walking on it, so I was pretty sure it wasn't broken, but my ankle was now swelling by the minute. Brenda was at work (with the car), so I called a friend to drive me over to the hospital to get this checked out while Hooper lamented his sled-dog lesson cut short.

X-rays proved there is no broken bone in there, but my left ankle is swollen to about the size of a softball. I don't see myself doing much longboarding or much of anything for a while. Bummer.