You wanna know the secret to happiness? You ready? Meeting avoidance. Especially the ones with a million people in a small stuffy room, featuring some smiling idiot waving his arms around and acting like personal insight and self-reflection is some kind of new fucking concept.

I was unsuccessful at avoiding one of these types of meetings today, and I still have a headache.

What the hell is this crap, this "team building" bullshit?! It's a colossal waste of time and money, time and money that will be bickered about at the end of the project when there is no budget left to get some actual work done. I spent four hours (FOUR HOURS!!) of my life today listening to some midget wearing a watch the size of a manhole cover talk about team building, ownership, frameworks, expectations (and of course expectation management), communication, trust, etc. A bunch of Type-As in the room pretending to get in touch with themselves and to make love to The Project. Bullshit.

Then you throw a few architects into the mix and you start talking about "expressions" and "gestures", and hear "vis a vis" more than once, and listen to entire monologues that say absolutely nothing. More Bullshit.

Good god, I hate this shit.